A Digital Agency

ASR delivers marketing services and the creative and technical development of technology based  products.

Forward Thinking

ASR is constantly monitoring industry trends so that we can properly adjust our strategy to meet customers demands of today, but be prepared for tomorrow.

Problem Solvers

ASR aims to offer simple solutions to complex problems.

Customer Support

ASR believes that Customer Service isn’t a department, it’s the entire company’s responsibility.

ASR’s mission is to deliver exceptional local customer service, technical resources, and comprehensive market and sales support to our region’s Systems Integrators, Channel Partners, Consultants, and End-Users, while continuously fostering business growth on behalf of the exceptional Manufacturers we represent.

Originally established in 1972, ASR Enterprises LTD was founded to provide unparalleled local Manufacturer support to Audio and Video dealers and integrators. From its inception, ASR set itself apart by offering more than just ‘spec sheets and a cup of coffee.’ When Pat Foley acquired the company in early 1995, renaming it ASR Enterprises Inc., he initiated the transformation into a Representative Firm specializing not only in Commercial Audio Visual Systems but also in other Related Markets, such as Physical Security, Intercom, Audio/Visual, and other Technical Products. In 1997, Brian Griswold joined ASR as a Partner, enhancing ASR’s technical expertise and focusing on the emerging IP Video market. After serving as the Maryland, DC, Virginia Security Territory Manager for several years, Josh Logue became a partner in January 2012.


In 2019, Pat Foley retired from ASR, leaving Josh and Brian to uphold ASR’s mission of being a technical leader within the markets they serve, particularly in Advanced IP Products. Representing some of the finest Physical Security and Audio Visual Lines in the industry is a source of pride for ASR. ASR Enterprises provides coverage of the Mid-Atlantic Region (Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, DC, and Virginia).

With an in-house office situated in Downingtown, PA, and field associates spread throughout the territory, we can offer localized support to the markets we serve.