New Vertical Wall Cabinet from Middle Atlantic Products

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Middle Atlantic Products has developed the equipment mounting platform that will change the way you design your systems. The VWM Series is the industry’s highest capacity and most versatile low profile wall cabinet, with comprehensive flexibility to fit system needs today and as technology changes. This patent-pending design features multiple planes of vertical mounting, it […]

ISONAS – Pure, IP Based Access Control

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As the security industry has evolved towards an IP mindset we have seen major changes. Cameras now offer more resolution than ever at shockingly decreased data-rates. IP video offers significantly more flexibility through open architecture and enhanced integrations. The access control side of the industry, however, has remained relatively untouched from the IP revolution. Bulky […]

True Costs of Network Switches

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The cost of sale is often viewed in terms of the product cost. However, there are other factors that need to be taken into account. Taken collectively, they can often exceed the cost of the product alone. This is particularly true when it comes to networking infrastructure. IP security systems are unique and very different […]

TOA Electronics Mass Notification Solution

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TOA Electronics VM-3000 Series UL 2572 listed, is ideal for small and medium-sized mass notification applications. It incorporates such emergency functions as continuous speaker line monitoring and a built-in voice alarm. This easy-to-install system also offers PA broadcasting, paging and BGM functions that ensure consistently high intelligibility. The VM-3000 Series is digitally audio processed and […]

IP Technology Has Revolutionized the Door Intercom or Telephone Entry System

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Many telephone entry and intercom manufacturers have been in the business a long time — 80 years in one case — and for most of that time the technology hasn’t changed a lot: standalone units operating over plain old telephone service (POTS). But in recent years, the rise of IP and cellular technologies (along with […]

Importance of a UPS

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Electronic and computer-based equipment needs a high quality, uninterrupted power supply. The national grid supply systems are subject to interference from natural and industrial sources. No electrical supply is free of brown-outs, interference and voltage variations. The operation of computer systems can be vulnerable to many phenomena, causing excess voltages or voltage drops.   We […]

Understanding Frame Rate

Understanding Frame Rate

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Understanding Frame Rate One of the most overlooked elements to a video surveillance system design is the frame rate – commonly referred to as FPS (Frames Per Second) or IPS (Images Per Second).  Frame Rate is defined as the frequency (rate) at which an imaging device produces unique consecutive images called frames.  There is a common misconception that […]

7 Cable Management Mistakes

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7 Biggest Cable Management Mistakes Whether the project is a simple mounting of a flat-panel TV or an enterprise security system, proper cable management is a must!  The folks at Middle Atlantic Products put together a list of the 7 biggest cable management mistakes. You can read the full Cable Management White Paper  HERE. 1. Bend […]

How To Setup Exacq Mobile App

How To Setup Exacq Mobile App

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Setting Up the Exacq Mobile App The free exacqVision mobile app allows you to monitor and view video anytime from your mobile device or internet browser. Whether performing regular tasks or responding to emergency situations, the exacqVision mobile client functionality ensures all video management system (VMS) software features are easy-to-use and intiutive with a variety […]

Reliable Communication That Is Intelligible – Stentofon

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New Year’s Resolutions It’s that time of year – as we close out 2014 and look to a new a prosperous 2015, we are making resolutions for the New Year! The next few emails will focus on a few New Year’s Resolutions for you to make to help secure a prosperous 2015! Offer Reliable Communication […]